Article: Basic tips to make EDH (Commander) work in your favour



Commander’s becoming a popular format. I doubt anybody reads my blog enough to consider me a Magic guru but I’ve reached 100 followers. Instead of a giveaway, I might as well try to impart some wisdom.

Like all variants of Magic, Commander has its own metagame and a way to build your deck. This is not an effort of optimisation, just some basic things to keep in mind when making your deck.

Let’s get down to business.

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Great article on EDH . Highly recommend this read if you are thinking of getting into commander.



Magic: the Gathering - Apparel

I dropped by MTG Merch and was happy to find a bunch of new t-shirts I must have overlooked previously.  Top two featuring cursed Magic 2015 Garruk would rock if you and your partner were playing Two-Headed Giant against another team.  Also thinking that the women’s collection could be expanded a bit there - it looked like there were only three different ones available when I scrolled on through.